So long, Harry.

I just seen the last film in the series – Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 2and I’m not embarrassed to say I cried quite a bit. It’s all over! I remember being eight years old, holding mums hand going to see Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone, and thinking “If I’m counting right, I’ll be nearly 18 when I see the last Harry Potter! Wow! Mum, I’ll nearly be 18, that’s so long away!”

Not that long.
I remember 11 year old Harry, Ron and Hermione, the boys in their hand-knitted jumpers and Hermione with her bushy hair and white tights. Now they’re adults. It’s sad. Watching the premiere, I cried with Emma Watson. The poor girl. It must be so sad after working with those people for 11 years and all going their separate ways. Her speech was beautiful though.

I was so happy when Ron & Hermione has their first kiss! It finally happened! I cried the most during the end when the three of them were on the bridge, slowly fading away. You could see Emma Watson crying and then when they’re all older and it has a close up of their faces, fading away for the last time at Kings Cross Station.

Harry Potter was very prominent in my childhood. I have memories of going to Eason’s book store at Midnight to get the new books and the excitement would be crazy! I think I’m going to read all the books again, now that all my memories are fresh in my mind.

So long Harry. I need something to fill his gap! And Twilight will not suffice.



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