1991: The Year Punk Broke.

This is a documentary following my two favourite bands; Nirvana & Sonic Youth on tour in Europe in 1991 along with other bands; Babes in Toyland, Dinosuar Jnr, Gumball and the Ramones. 1991 is said to be the year when punk rock finally exploded into the mainstream, when it broke. This is before Smells Like Teen Spiritwas released and Nirvana went from being an underground band to an international phenomenon.

The raw, DIY filming style makes it even better, just like a home-video. That means the quality isn’t very good but that doesn’t matter. It is sort of narrated by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. He does, like a lot the the alt, punk, grunge musicians at that time, mock the way the press are so serious about the explosion of punk and the ‘Seattle Sound.’ He says a lot of things that don’t make any sense but is still pretty funny.

“People of the universe… tonight, tonight will be night that the skies will open and spray forth the divine hand with pointed finger and say, “Everybody, you’re not just a duck! — you are human! YOU ARE HUMAN!” Go forth! Go forth and thrash!”“To me… I need this elixir of… skinhead violence” (When asked about his soup)


The Nirvana guys are pretty funny too, Dave especially. Take a look at the video clip from the film below. It’s hilarious! Kurt is very quiet mostly, but that’s the way he always is anyway. You just see the three guys, unknowingly fooling about, not knowing what is to come upon Nevermind’s release.

Babes in Toyland rock it up too. There are some good shoots of them on stage. I love that band, they’re great musicians. Also there was Dinosaur Jnr, The Ramones and Gumball which all did good shows.

Apparently the film is being released on DVD for it’s 20th Anniversary on September 6th which is close to Neverminds 20th Anniversary deluxe CD/DVD release on September 24th. I’m going to get them both!


Krist Novoselic: Pothead Philosopher.


Being a Nirvana fan, I’m obviously still keeping tabs on Dave and Krist. And Frances Bean but that’s for another day (I love her style, and her artwork!) It’s not very hard to keep tabs on Dave as he is everywhere these days! He’s promoting his new Foo Fighters album Wasting Light. I just came back from seeing them at Oxegen Music Festival, in Co. Kildare, Ireland. They were FANTASTIC. Again, that’s for another post. Their new album is downright rockin’ too.

Anyway, I always wondered what Krist had done with his life, post Nirvana. We all knew he was very politically aware, he mentioned it in numerous interviews when touring with Nirvana. I’ll post one here in case you haven’t see it, it’s hilarious. He’s very highly opinionated! So I did some research and found out he begun a political action committee, which was named JAMPAC (Joint Artists and Musicians Political Action Committee) in 1995. JAMPAC fought a number of different issues, including the Teen Dance Ordinance, a 1985 law that severely limited the ability of minors to attend shows. With JAMPAC, Krist began to turn his focus more and more towards politics. He even wrote a book, Of Grunge and Government: Let’s Fix This Broken Democracy. I haven’t got around to reading it yet, but it looks good! He talks about how politicians need to return to grassroots movements and clean up politics in general.

I also found out he did a brilliant, really interesting blog on Seattle’s Weekly Reverb from ’07 to ’10. I loved reading it. He did a lot of political stories which were good but what I most enjoyed reading was his music articles. There was a great one the Melvins and one on the Vaselines, one on Foo Fighters (he played bass on a song on the new Foo’s album) and of course numerous ones on Nirvana. Definitely one to take some time to read: http://www.blogs.seattleweekly.com/author.php?author_id=525

I found out he has gone back to college too! He lives on a farm in Wahkiakum County, WA. I don’t blame him, wanting to be away from it all. He also recently opened Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses at the Experience Music Projectmuseum in Seattle, which I really want to go to before it ends in 2013! I will most likely have a panic attack upon entering! Krist donated tons of memorabilia to it and also donated the wood to make the cabinets to hold all the items on show! It was great researching him, he’s a really interesting guy.I’m following him on twitter now.. I know! Krist tweets!!

Chili’s release new single/album

I’m not really expecting much from Anthony and co. on the new album – I’m still excited, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think they can really top Blood Sugar Sex Magik, especially because they’re down a team member – Frusciante. Listening to the new single – ‘The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie’, I see how Klinghoffer is a good, a great guitarist but he plays a lot more synth stuff. It’s missing John’s playing style and sweet, sweet backing vocals, which was signature to the Chilis. They’re going in a new direction with this Klinghoffer dude, for better or worse? I’ll let you know when I come back from their concert. You didn’t think I’d miss it did you!? I’m still a huge fan!

I’ve nothing against Josh but John was the man.


The Virgin Suicides

“In the end, we had the pieces of the puzzle, but no matter how we put them together, gaps remained, oddly shaped emptinesses mapped by what surrounded, like countries we couldn’t name.”

Sofia Coppola’s debut film, Virgin Suicides is so visually inspirational. With a beautiful soundtrack and soft focus scenes this film is a must-see.